Jennie Castle


Jennie Castle is an artist using photography to better understand the world, and her place in it. She works primary in documentary style, but recently has begun to mix media, and experiment with alternative processes. Before arriving at Lower Columbia College, Jennie earned her MFA in Photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. In addition to teaching photography at LCC, Jennie is the Rose Center for the Arts Gallery and Programs Director. Contact her if you are interested in exhibiting your work in the beautiful Forsberg Art Gallery.

Ray Cooper


Ray Cooper earned is BFA and MFA from Washington State University, and has been teaching painting and art appreciation at LCC since 2001.

"We are all subjected to an infinite amount of stimuli throughout our lifetime. Each of us sharing a separate reality. Unique compositions of personal experience. How we respond to stimuli is beautifully individualistic. All of us minute reflections of the unknown meta narrative. None can truely know another's perception of the world. This fragmented composition of life's experiences is the basis for my creative inspiration. Composed of random bits of philosophy amid chaos to form short narratives between my work and the viewer." ~ Ray Cooper

Michael Kohlmeier


Michael Kohlmeier earned his BA from Evergreen State College (2005), and his MFA Goddard College (2014) with a concentration on Design, Pedagogy, Native American Studies. Michael is a multi media artist, and currently a resident theatrical set designer at Grays Harbor College. Michael has been teaching a variety of art courses including painting, design, drawing and sculpture at Lower Columbia College since 2008.

"Being an artist is not what you put out in the world, it is a way of life. It is how you see the world and express yourself. I teach students how to see, not what to see." ~ Michael Kohlmeier

Jennie Mynhier

Graphic Design

Jennie earned a BFA in Photography and a BFA in Visual Communications from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana. For several years after graduation, she worked as a graphic designer and art director. Jennie went on to earn a MA in Digital Art and a MFA in Photography and Digital Imaging from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. She has been teaching courses in the areas of graphic design, photography, and digital media since 2005. Her artwork ranges in media from photography, multi-media, installation, and video. Jennie is the founding advisor of the LCC Art Club. Contact her for more information about joining. All studnets are welcome!

Marvin Pierson


Marvin Pierson, a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography, has been serving Southwest Washington as a commerical photographer since 1979. He brings professional experience to his photography classrooms, giving LCC students a taste of what it like to professional portait and studio photographer.

Peipei Wallace


For almost two decades, Peipei Wallace has been involved in ceramics as a student, a ceramicists’ assistant, a potter and an educator. Being a Taiwanese immigrant living in the Pacific Northwest, she explores the cultural awareness in her daily life through her ceramic art with printmaking elements. Her ceramic work primarily includes slab-built structures with wheel thrown or small sculptural components and surface finished with sgraffito and prints generated through screen printing or lithography methods. She recently started her multi-media ink drawing series in conjunction with her ceramic work to express the cultural or social impact she experiences in her everyday life.